Listing your property is easy as 1-2-3!  Here is the list of information we need to get you moving forward.  First, we need a legal description which is found on your deed, title insurance policy, or abstract.  If you have a recent appraisal, it is usually helpful.  Next, do you have a survey of property?  It is a boundary and size plat of your property as though you are looking at it from the air.  A copy of the tax bill showing the property number and owners names.  If you can not determine any of these, your lender may have your requested info in their loan document file.  We also need the common address of the property and a short description of what you have to sell.  That's it! Remember, real estate is unlike selling anything else.  You have responsibilities and potential liabilities here.  I can help eliminate these issues as a real estate professional! SO CALL ME AT (618) 751-3025 for a fast confidential appointment today!

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