TO CHECK RENTALS AVAILABLE, you may call to determine if any units might be currently available.  Due to unfortunate circumstances, I can no longer discuss ANY units over the phone, except to say if an availability exists. To obtain an application, which consists of my business card, FAIR HOUSING DISCLOSURE, Tenant Information, and Needs Questionaire, prospective applicants ONLY BY APPLYING IN PERSON at 107 E. Vienna, Anna, Illinois, which is the office.  In accordance with Fair Housing Laws and to eliminate misconceptions in phone service, I have instituted immediate changes to bar ufounded claims of discrimination involving the phone.  The law says I am required to treat all prospective tenants the same, which I have tried to do for 32 years in the real estate business.  I am sorry for any inconvienence, however, when the Federal Government will conduct a full investigation of possible discrimination  for failure to give everyone a business card, you would understand the unfortuante position I find myself in trying to help good people find rental property.  You may also try  which is the local paper where rental ads appear.  To my knowledge, I am the last realtor in Union County which rents anything.  I used to have a landlord list to give interested parties, however, the majority of them called me up and told me to take their name off it until I had nothing left.  More and more, landlords are renting word of mouth in order to avoid such issues as I have mentioned herein.  Thank you for you cooperation and consideration in this regard.  I ONLY HAVE APARTMENTS IN TOWN and ON OCCASSION, A RENTAL HOUSE.

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Steve Landreth, Managing Broker for Classic Properties Farm and Home Realtors, 107 E. Vienna, Anna, Illinois  Call 618-833-7331 for FAST SERVICE IN SOUTHERN ILLINOIS!